The 3 Week Diet
Six Pack Abs

How to prepare for a perfect Six Pack Abs program?

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Planning through eating routine

For Females looking to achieve Six-pack Abs, the main component is a strict diet.  Research recipes and shop accordingly each week.  Cook meals on a Sunday and have them all sorted and ready for the week.  This includes carbs, proteins, and fats.

  1. Ensure that you eat no less than six times regularly. To achieve Six-pack Abs, this is an essential requirement since this will guarantee that you have the vitality to continue weight lifting. Eating meals once every 2 to 3 hours will guarantee the security of glucose. This will also guarantee adequate nourishment and boost of the digestion system vitality.
  1. Enough protein plays a crucial role. To calculate the amount of protein you multiply your lean bodyweight by 1.2. The outcome will be the measure of protein—in grams—is the perfect amount that ought to be consumed.
  1. To calculate how many carbs you require day by day, increase the lean body mass of your body by 0.8 and the outcome is the aggregate sum of carbs—in grams—is the amount that you require. Keep in mind that since getting Six pack Abs has something to do with losing fat, you should just consume foods with low glycemic carbs, for example, cocoa rice, cereal, and sweet potatoes to avoid insulin release that promotes fat storage.
  1. Incorporate veggies into your eating regimen. Veggies like green beans, broccoli, and lettuce should be consumed regularly. These sorts of foods will help with hunger cravings.  Veggies can also help digestion system which will make the assimilation of protein less demanding and speedier.


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