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Exercises to make perfect six pack Abs

How to make Perfect Six pack abs
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Exercises to make perfect six pack Abs

Make sure it needs your diet on point to start exercises to make perfect six pack
abs. Here are some exercises that will take just 10 minutes with no rest in
between the moves.

How to make Perfect Six pack abs

  • The long-arm crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Janda sit-up
  •  The jackknife
  • Extended Plank

Below is the step by step method of exercises to make perfect six pack abs.

The long-arm crunch

Sit on the floor on a mat or other comfortable surface with your knees bent and
feet flat then lie on your back and extend your arms straight back on the floor
now slowly lift your arms, head, and shoulder from the floor to about 30-degree
angle. Slowly move your shoulder back to the floor. Repeat 3 sets 15 to 20
repetition on each set. This exercise will increase your strength and flexibility of
muscles. Moreover, it increases balance and posture by increasing muscular
growth around the spine. It helps flatten the stomach and improves overall
metabolism. This exercise is to make perfect six pack abs.

Reverse crunch

Lie on the floor on a mat with your legs straight out in front of you. Put your arms
straight on both sides of you. Now bend your knees and lift your feet. Your thighs
must be perpendicular to the floor while the lower legs are parallel to the floor;
here a 90-degree angle is created. Keep your feet together. Inhale and pull your
legs towards your chest, put your knees toward your face and your feet toward
the roof. This should be done as you roll your pelvis backward to lift your hips up
off the floor. Exhale and lower your legs slowly to the initial position. Repeat 3 t0
5 sets each 15 to 20 times. Try the exercise to make perfect six pack abs.

Janda sit-up

Anchor a resistance band around something and stick your feet through the
bands. Position your body on the floor as in sit-up position. Your knees must
create the 90-degree angle and your arm crossed over your chest. Pull your legs
against the resistance of the bands. This will cause your hip flexor to relax. Deeply
inhale. Now slowly raise your torso as high as possible while fully exhaling. Then
slowly lower yourself to the floor and relax for a few seconds. This exercise saves
you from back pain as well as the same exercise to make perfect six pack Abs.

The jackknife

Lie flat on the floor with your legs straight. Extend your arms straight back behind
your head. Exhale and raise both of your arms as to meet at the top of the
jackknife position. At the peak of this step, you should be balancing only on your
bottom. Your legs should be straight making an angle of 45 degrees from the floor

and your arms should be parallel to your legs. Inhale and lower your arms and
legs back to initial position. Repeat 2 to 3 sets for faster result.

Extended Plank

Make a plank position with your elbows a few inches in front of your shoulders.
Your body should form a straight line from your head to your ankles. Tighten your
abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut. Maintain this contraction.
Breathe deeply. Repeat the exercise to make perfect six pack abs 2 to 3 sets. This
exercise strengthens your core safely. Make your posture better. It reduces back
pain. It makes better movements and coordination.

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